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Let´s Get Cooking: A MILF´s First Lesbian Sex w...
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Laura reinvents her life when she ends up divorced and her only child heads off to college. She wanted to experience new things and get out of the house, so she signed up for a book club and a cooking class. Little does she know that the cooking class will turn up the heat and reinvent more than she ever thought possible. Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit sex including first lesbian experience, MILF lesbian sex, oral sex, older woman with younger woman sex, lesbian seduction, and more. Only mature adults who won´t find graphic sexual content offensive should listen to this story. Here is a preview: ´´Laura, you seem rather nervous.´´ ´´Yeah, a little.´´ ´´Why do I make you nervous?´´ ´´I guess...Because this suddenly feels like a date and I don´t know what to do with that...´´ I admitted my fear. ´´Do with what? We´re just having a glass of wine and getting to know each other.´´ Her fingers brushed against my cheek as she tucked a stray curl behind my ear. ´´Athena...´´ ´´Just drink your wine, we´re just getting to know each other,´´ she repeated. I had never had another woman touch me in that way. But it felt nice; I was nervous because this was all new territory but it did not put me off, and that was even scarier. With a gulp, I swallowed down the last of my wine and eased back against the couch cushions. She slowly unbuttoned and removed her baggy shirt to reveal a very cute trim little figure, much more noticeable in just the tight leggings and snug tee shirt. Then she reclined back next to me, nuzzling into my neck, and slowly slid her fingertips up my thigh. I shivered but had no desire to move away from her touch. ´´You´re very pretty, Laura. I noticed you in class immediately,´´ she whispered. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Penelope Rose. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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